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Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory.   - Shelley

bURIALS and Memorials

a very personal choice

Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park offers the family several distinct options for burial and memorial. This can include bronze memorials, grave stone and grave markers, mausoleum, and cremains. We also now offer crypt porcelain cameos as well. If you have any questions, please call the office and one of our dedicated staff members will guide you through the decision process.


bronze plaques

Bronze memorials are a wonderful way to mark the grave of a loved one, and they are featured in several of the divisions throughout Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park.

grave markers and upright headstones

Please contact your local monuments dealer for upright headstones. If you have any questions or need a recommendation for a monuments dealer, please call the cemetery office.



Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park offers mausoleum burial in our beautiful new Harbor of Peace mausoleum buildings 1, 2, and 3. The mausoleums are located in the Northwest corner of the Cemetery. The mausoleums are peaceful and serene, with visitor's benches, shaded alcoves, multiple flower vessels, and our landmark granite etched drawing water feature.

crypt porcelain cameos

Nassau Knolls Cemetery is now offering crypt porcelain cameos for families that have loved ones entombed in the Evergreen or Harbor of Peace mausoleums. The cameos are available in horizontal and vertical formats and are 3.25" x 4".  You may select a portrait cameo for each person entombed, or you may have one cameo depicting both people. The photograph you provide should be of high quality for best results. Please note that the cemetery must approve all photograph portraits. This is a wonderful tribute for a life you want to remember. Please contact our office at 516-944-8530 for more information.


We offer several areas for cremation interment, including Dogwood Lane, our newly opened Cherrywood Garden, and our Tower Garden, located at the center of our 36+ acre property and featuring a beautiful 360 degree view of the knolls. Cremains can be mailed to the cemetery or brought by the family. Family and friends can attend the onsite  committal service, with an option as to whether or not they want to see the cremains interred. <<Click here>> to learn more about Cremation Interment at Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park.


cemetery map

Your choice of burial and memorial will also depend on the cemetery location. Please click on the map below to see which  memorials are featured in our various sections.



The Chimes Tower is now also home to our beautiful new glass niche columbarium. Click on the picture above, or <<click here>> to learn more.

famous quotes and tributes

Families will often ask us for suggestions concerning wording or quotes which can be engraved into your memorial.

We have put together a document of famous quotes and phrases that can be considered.

<<CLICK HERE>> to view and download.  / (516) 944-8530  /   PO Box 128, Port Washington, NY, 11050