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frequently asked questions

HOW are cemetery graves inherited?

Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park is located in, and governed by, New York State Cemetery Law. Regardless of state of residence of the family, if you own a plot in New York, heirship is governed by New York State law.

Cemetery property is passed through the bloodline, unless it is specifically mentioned in a Will.  The Will must state the name of the cemetery, the lot and grave number.  For example, if a Will states “all my property real or otherwise is bequeathed to John Doe;” this does not mean that John Doe owns the cemetery property because it was not explicitly listed.  (See NYS cemetery law 1512 b.)

Cemeteries require an Affidavit of Heirs which lists the heirs of the deceased.  After the Affidavit is completed it must be signed in front of a notary.  Keeping the ownership current is the responsibility of the family.

Not for profit cemeteries are regulated by New York State Cemetery Board.


Yes, cremains can be interred.  You may bury them in a full size grave or in a cremation grave.

what is the difference between a full size grave and a cremation grave?

A full size grave is large enough to bury a casket; a cremation grave is much smaller, is less expensive, and is designed to only inter cremains.

why should i bury cremains?

No one wants to be forgotten.  Scattering cremains at sea or in the woods does not allow the site to be memorialized.  Society has honored their dead by burying them and marking the graves for thousands of years.  By interring cremains in a cemetery there is always a place for future generations to go and remember their ancestors.  Cemeteries document all their burials.  By keeping these records it is easier for future family members to find their ancestors.

Families are also changing due to divorce, death and remarriage.  By burying the cremains in a cemetery, no one person has total control of the urn. Any member of the family can visit their loved one at any time without the knowledge or approval of the rest of the family.

You also don’t want to burden your children and grandchildren with cremains that have to be left in the closet or on the mantle.  Burying cremains allows for a lasting memory of your loved one.

Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park offers cremation interments in several areas of the cemetery. We require a two business day notice in order to open a grave. On the day of burial, we will require the Original Cremation Certificate as well as the cremains. The family is responsible for the committal service and contacting the clergy and/or military. <<learn more>>

does nassau knolls sell headstones or urns for cremains?

Nassau Knolls sells bronze plaques for grave markers. We do not sell upright headstones or urns for cremains. Please call the office if you need a referral to a reputable memorial dealer.

what are the benefits to mausoleum interment?

If you are not comfortable with an in-ground burial, you may choose above ground burial in a mausoleum crypt. Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park currently offers mausoleum burial in our Harbor of Peace mausoleums, Buildings One, Two, And Three.  Harbor of Peace is located in the Northwest corner of the Cemetery. The mausoleums are peaceful and serene, with visitors benches, shaded alcoves, multiple flower vessels, and our landmark etched granite stone water feature.



rules and regulations

<<CLICK HERE>> to download Rules and Regulations document for Nassau Knolls Cemetery and Memorial Park.  / (516) 944-8530  /   PO Box 128, Port Washington, NY, 11050